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“Touch it Mask”

Touch It Mask

The current global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly increased the demand for face masks. Many types of masks have found place in the market, especially the most in-demand N95 mask, which filters out around 95% of fine dust particles. But these types of masks come with certain limitations with regard to reusability.
Using their extensive knowledge of materials and composites, the research team at Enocean Intellectual Pvt. Ltd- A Livpure Subsidiary, has developed a reusable, nanotechnology-based face mask- Mentosaife mask , for increased safety from virus particles.
The mask offers dual properties – filtration efficiency of N95 masks along with the comfort of cloth masks.
With the Unique application of non-metal nanotechnology alongwith proprietary Anti-Viral trap and kill technology, the face mask offers the various benefits as follows:
• Enhanced Anti-viral & Anti-microbial protection with 4 physical layers with 6 extra levels
• Effective against key virus types: H1N1, H5N1, H7N9, RSV & Human Coronavirus
• Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified and EPA/ BPR (EU-TR) registered technology

Why is the Mentosaife mask different?

– The anti-leaching property makes it useful for daily use,
– Reduces the risk of contamination spread even when it’s being washed or kept along other household materials.
– Considering the increasing burden of biomedical waste, Mentosaife is made up of recyclable material, which is biodegradable easily.
– With a shelf life of 52 weeks and a 99.95% safety, the mask is ideal for both industrial workers and normal citizens.

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