MentoSaife 4×6 : Antiviral & Antibacterial mask

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Available Offers :
  1. 300 per pc for 1 unit
  2. 270 per pc for 2 units – 4 units
  3. 250 per pc for 5 units and more

  • India’s 1st Anti-viral, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiodour, AntifineDust, Reusable, Outdoor Protection Mask
  • MentoSaife 4×6 is the first hybrid mask with enhanced anti-viral & anti-microbial protection with 4 physical layers with 6 extra levels.
  • The anti-leaching property makes it useful for daily use. Considering the increasing burden of biomedical waste, MentoSaife 4×6 is made up of recyclable material, which is biodegradable easily.
  • With a shelf life of 52 weeks (90 washes) and 99.95% safety, the mask is ideal for both industrial workers and normal citizens.


MentoSaife 4×6 uses the science of non-metal/non silver technology in which nanoparticles are embedded solution called nanochemiqs MentoSaife 4×6 textile treatment . This mask is first of its kind. With the comfort of cloth, MentoSaife 4×6 has certain features that makes it different from other masks available in the market. MentoSaife 4×6 is different from other masks because:

* It has enhanced anti-viral & anti-microbial protection

* It is effective against key virus types: H1N1, H5N1, H7N9, RSV & Human Coronovirus

*Oekotex Class 1 certified and EPA/BPR (EU-TR) registered technology


Additional information


Medium size for gents, Small size for ladies


Gentle, cold or lukewarm machine wash upto 30 washes, do not use harsh chemicals, detergents or industrial washing solutions on the fabric as this may damage the viral reducing and anti-microbial properties of the fabric.

20 reviews for MentoSaife 4×6 : Antiviral & Antibacterial mask

  1. Dr. Indu V Raj (verified owner)

    Finally I got a high quality mask which is very comfortable to wear, much better in breathability and does not cause any fogging on my glasses also . I feel so protected when I use it ….. One of the best masks I have used till date. Highly recommend to all.

  2. Leena Bora

    The breathability of this ‘ViroWipe’ mask is excellent . When i used N95 mask for 6-7 hrs contiuously I always had headache . But with this mask, even after wearing it continuously for 6-7 hrs, I do not feel any discomfort and there is no headache at all. No eye wear fogging is another benefit which made me a fan of ViroWipe.

  3. Sreenivas

    This mask is not only protect from germs.
    Virowipe mask is very comfotable while driving . When i use nomal mask with spects and breathing time spects get into fogging. So i am unabled to see the road.
    After using virowipe Antiviral mask im not getting that problem.
    Its good mask.

  4. Praveen Singh

    For complete protection and very comfortable 👍

  5. Rajesh

    I have a problem of eye wear fogging. And this mask had solved this

  6. Suraj Mourya

    This mask is very comfortable. I reccomend it.

  7. Amit Tripathi

    Very comfortable for breathing and first Mask in india to give antiviral protection…
    I really like it.

  8. Vaibhav brar

    Best mask in the market.
    much Better in breathability as compared to other masks.

  9. Anuja srivastava

    This antiviral mask filtering 4.99% more germs which means 99.99% germs are trapped. Great Product with no fogging extra feature.

  10. Gurudev Chaudhary

    It’s a different qualities mask ,feel easy to breathe, antivirus, antibacterial ,and with 90 wash ,yes it’s amazing in this price ,I recommend really this product for safety.

  11. Nishi Singh

    Best Mask with Trap and kill feature

  12. Mohit Mishra

    It is very good mask and very comfortable for breathing .

  13. Shuchi arora

    Mask is the necessity n i loved the mask as it doeant give moisture on my glasses. Assures me high level protection

  14. Ruchi Madaan

    One of the best mask I have used till date. No problem of eyewear fogging & absolutely no Breathability issues.

  15. Nataraja

    First mask to ensure microbes killed in contact, long life, easy breathing. One of its kind with no comparison


    One of the best anti microbial mask in market. Odour free, no risk of touching it. Highly recommended to present situation.

  17. Shruti

    This is the only mask which had solved the problem of eyewear fogging. Excellent mask

  18. Mahi

    One of the best mask I have used till date. No problem of fogging or risk of touching the mask. None of the mask in the market is offering such quality. Highly recommend to all.

  19. Lalit Tripathi

    Its “complete protection ” an antimicrobial Mask , and very comfortable for breathing

  20. ali asgar

    The best. Four layers to filter & kill. breathability excellent and 90 wash. no other product in market.

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