RespoLite : Respiratory Protectant For Steam Therapy

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RespoLite is a blend of menthol and natural essential oils of eucalyptus. It helps in clearing the upper respiratory tract of mucus and other secretions thus alleviating respiratory distress e.g. sinusitis, throat congestion, cold, cough & other similar problems. It improves local immunity and thus helps in fighting infectious causes like bacteria and viruses from establishing itself in the URT (upper respiratory tract). Eucalyptus oil is anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, and acts as a local anesthetic and thus reduces irritation of the surface of the respiratory tract providing immediate relief to the patient.

Benefits :

  • Improves breathing and open blocked airways
  • Provides relief from stuffy nose and irritated nose
  • Increases local immunity
  • Can be used by both children and adults

Directions of use:

Put 1 ml (approx. 20 drops) of RespoLite in approximately 500 ml ( or 10 drops of RespoLite in 250 ml ) of  hot water ( not boiling water).

Inhale the RespoLite vapors deeply for 10 minutes. In severe cases of congestion or sinusitis, number of drops may be doubled to 20 per 250 ml of water.

The duration can also be increased. RespoLite  steam inhalation  is recommended for 2-3 times a day or as required.

Pack size

100 ml

19 reviews for RespoLite : Respiratory Protectant For Steam Therapy

  1. Mohd Israil

    Steam inhalation with respolite release nasal and chest congestion instantly, removes cough and headache at the same time.
    It’s very good product.

  2. Zartab Jafri

    It is an amazing product. I have been using it for past 6 month and I found it very affective specially during running nose and cold and cough. It also serves as an immunity booster to Influenza and Corona . I would like to recommend it to everyone as every person suffers from Running Nose and common cold and cough and Influenza , specially during winters , so Respolite is your saviour. !

  3. Murtaza Bakkalla

    The product is nice and well as ot claims and well order more

  4. Mohammad owais

    A very good product. Relieves cold immediately and is quite effective for cough

  5. Priyanka Bordoloi

    I have been suffering from cough and running nose for past couple of days. Thanks to Respolite, it worked as a wonder drug for me to expel out the cough.

  6. Fatema Lodghar

    A very good product. Relieves cold immediately and is quite effective for cough too.From the eldest to the youngest everyone in my house has used it and are very happy with it.

  7. Rakhi Jayashankar

    I have been using Respolite for more than a week now. The effect it gives is unbelievable. I have never had such a soothing and effective medicine. I don’t have headache anymore

  8. Murtuza telwala

    Excellent product works instantly
    Removes blockage of nose n cures soar throat

  9. Mohammad Shadab

    Respolite is very helpful product,it is very best for respiratory problems and cold

  10. Adeeba Khursheed

    Nice product…it’s really works

  11. Uzma Shadab

    In my views this product is very good and helpful,it really works for swelling throat, cough,and nasals. I used it .

  12. Uzma Shadab

    I used is very
    beneficial helps to open the nasals and specially work at swelling throat. ,also help relieve headache.really it works very good.

  13. Shadab warsi

    Best solution for respiratory problems.

  14. Ajay Rathore

    Boht hi acha product h ek br m hi mera cold chla gy

  15. Dixit tyagi

    This product is gud I have used.

  16. Suraj

    Best solution for respiratory problems.

  17. Nishi Singh

    Respolite becomes my new best friend because it’s helps to open up the nasal passages, clear the sinuses, and help relieve sinus tension that causes the headaches.

  18. Tasneem Aliasgar

    The best product i have used till date for my sinusitis.

  19. shruti2001

    I am using respolite from last 5 days.
    I am having a throat congestion and it is giving a great relief to my throat.
    I am very much satisfied with the product

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