Anti-Viral Towel


This hand towel is manufactured using a special active fiber with embedded nano spikes which attract, holds, and physically destroys all kind of viruses and bacteria.

Its unique application of non-metal/ non-silver nano particles effectively reduces the viruses and bacteria on contact. It functions as a constant sterilization solution to protect against virus particulate matters and other microorganisms that may settle on the human body and other objects.

Features and Benefits:

1.Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-allergen

2.100% washable & reusable up to 30 times

3.100% cotton

4.Efficacy of antiviral properties of towel(unwashed)- 99.9987%

5.Efficacy of antiviral properties of towel(30th wash)- 99.90%

6.Safe and soft to the skin


Details :

Available Size

13X20 inches

Available Color


Washing instruction

  1. Gentle hand/machine wash at max 40deg c temp.  no harsh cleaning chemical/compound/detergent to be used.
  2. Cleaning agents specifically meant for home washing can be used.


  1. ISO 18184 ( NABL certified) for antiviral properties of fiber
  2. ISO 18184 ( MSL UK certified) for antiviral properties of fiber
  3. OEKO-TEK certified ingredients



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