2 Respolite + 1 Anti-Viral Hand Towel

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Respolite is a blend of menthol and natural essential oils of eucalyptus. It helps in clearing the upper respiratory tract of mucus and other secretions thus alleviating respiratory distress e.g. sinusitis, throat congestion, cold, cough & other similar problems. It improves local immunity and thus helps in fighting infectious causes like bacteria and viruses from establishing itself in the URT (upper respiratory tract). Eucalyptus oil is anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, and acts as a local anesthetic and thus reduces irritation of the surface of the respiratory tract providing immediate relief to the patient.


This hand towel is manufactured using a special active fiber with embedded nano spikes which attract, holds and physically destroys all kind of viruses and bacteria. Its unique application of non-metal/ non-silver nanoparticles effectively reduces the viruses and bacteria on contact. It functions as a constant sterilization solution to protect against virus particulate matters and other microorganisms that may settle on the human body and other objects.


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