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Respolite Gel


Respiratory protectant made from pure essential oil blend for steam therapy
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Dual Protection Mask, For Covid and Pollution
Respolite Respiratory protectant
Anti viral Drawstring bag
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I found it very effective for my chronic respiratory problems.

Munira Zoyeb Bambot

When I came to know about Respolite essential oil, I tried it n it's very soothing for throat n nasal congestion. I took it with steam n immediately i got relief from running nose.

Murtaza Telwala

Have been using Respolite for a week now, it is very comforting n clears the stuffy nose n heavy headedness.

Tasneem Nandarbarwala

I was suffering from throat infection, common cold and cough from the past one year, then I used to take Respolite as advised. I got cured within two weeks and now I don’t have any throat problem. This medicine is very effective for even chronic throat infections.

Ajay Tyagi

I was suffering from sinusitis since 3 years and was taking antihistamines regularly and antibiotics intermittently but problem still persisted and I was suggested to go for surgery.  Then I came to know about Respolite.  I started using it through steam. In just five days I got almost 50 % relief.  I use it daily and now after 45 days I feel around 80% relief in my problem and my daily use of antihistamine has come down to 1-2 times a week.  This is a very effective product and I am very satisfied with the results.”

Vandana Brar

Respolite was quite effective in giving relief from cold and it's daily usage even treated the cough.


I have been using MentoSaife 4x6 mask for the last 2 months and I am very much satisfied with the technology i.e. Trap & Kill the virus and breathability. It’s a certified Nano technology which works on Virus. Even I have put this mask for 6-7hrs at a stretch. In addition to that Anti-leaching property also matters a lot because it doesn’t allow the transfer of infection from one surface to another.

Satyendra Srivastava

I feel relaxed in my mind that my mask is giving me antiviral protection which itself is giving me stress free time. Earlier I really used to worry all the time if mask is protecting me. I think people must use quality one with assured protection.


When I started using this mask after 4 months of using high grade mask, first thing I realized that breathing has suddenly become easy and when I climb my office stairs, no more I am panting.

Mr. Tyagi

I found MentoSaife 4x6 mask very comfortable compared to others masks. Its strings are tight even after use of 2 months.

Surendra Belwal

I have been using Respolite for several years. Whenever there is even the smallest sign of respiratory problem I apply Respolite. In many cases severe health problems in connection with bacterial and viral diseases could be avoided because of its use.

Werner Krull

"Finally I got a high quality mask which is very comfortable to wear, much better in breathability and does not cause any fogging on my glasses also. I feel so protected when I use it ….. One of the best masks I have used till date. Highly recommend to all."



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